Introducing filters, favoriting, and comments

By SponsorLane, 10/03/2016

Judy and I built in a set of features with the goal of helping community event planners effectively navigate our site to find the right sponsorship opportunities. Here they are:

Filter to find the right sponsors

1. First, decide your sponsorship type: in-kind, fundraiser, or grants. In-kind sponsorships are generally product donations from the company. Fundraisers are partnered events at local restaurants where the partnered company donates a portion of sales from that afternoon or evening to your nonprofit. Grants are cash donations that you can apply for.

2. Decide which item you’re looking for: food, beverage, raffle items, or miscellaneous. We’ve tagged all in-kind sponsorships and fundraisers with their appropriate types. For examples, Philz Coffee sponsors in-kind coffee, so it’ll show up under in-kind and beverage. Jamba Juice, which does fundraisers not in-kind, is listed under fundraiser and beverage.

3. Use the location filter to restrict your search to a specific region in the Bay Area. The location filter is based on each store’s address. Chain stores will automatically show up in all four regions. In those cases, you’ll need to check on the company’s site.

4. If your work belongs to one of the causes we’ve listed, use the causes filter to find companies who focus their giving in that vertical.

5. Submit form online helps you quickly find companies that have online submissions. We know that many of you do not prefer to cold call and cold visit.

6. Sponsors for-profits are for those of you who are not a registered nonprofit. We did our best to flag this, but this information is oftentimes not listed. Make sure to double check with the company.

Favorite sponsors you’d like to target

As we indexed companies, we noticed that the list got very long and became difficult to manage. On the top right side of each company, you’ll find a heart button. Simply favorite the sponsors you’d like to target, and they’ll show up in your profile’s favorites list.

Comment to give application tips and kudos

We know that finding sponsorships can be a difficult and frustrating process. Every company has a different process and cares about different things. We also know that there are times when a company goes above and beyond to make your community event a success. We built the comments tool to help build a community of knowledge and to give visibility to companies doing a great job giving back! So, give tips to help each other out and write kudos shoutouts when companies go above and beyond!