The new SponsorLane BASIC and PRO plans

By SponsorLane, 07/02/2017

SponsorLane has grown.

It's been an amazing journey for the SponsorLane team and community! In nine months, over 450 people have used SponsorLane to find sponsors for their community-based events.

We have matched 140 events, from securing 8 partner sponsors for an LGBTQ fundraising gala, to matching an exhibition on our country's dividing political voices to a venue sponsor, to connecting a nonprofit advancing minorities in technology entrepreneurship to over $2000 in sponsorships.

We are seeing the beginnings of how SponsorLane can be a nationwide tool for building vibrant, supportive communities by connecting communities to businesses giving back.

We have a bigger vision.

We want SponsorLane to exist not only in the Bay Area but in every community across the U.S. and enable organizations to run successful community-based events. To achieve this, we will transition to a freemium model.

So what happens next?

SponsorLane Pilot (the version you are currently using) will be available until 14th of July.

Starting on 15th of July, SponsorLane will shift to BASIC and PRO plans. BASIC is our free service, and PRO is premium (see details below).

All users who have signed up on or before 14th of July will be given 1 month of free SponsorLane PRO (the plan you're using now). At the end of your free month, you can choose to continue using SponsorLane PRO for $29 per month or switch to our limited and free SponsorLane BASIC.


Post-7/15 PRO and BASIC plans:

Upcoming Features:

1. An event discovery tool, where sponsors can find you and send you sponsorship requests!

2. Continual addition of partner sponsors

3. Features that help you build good relationships with sponsors (e.g. email reminders to tweet and instagram about your sponsors on the day of the event)