How to Use SponsorLane?

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Find new sponsors you never thought to approach.

Apply with one form

Apply to SponsorLane partners, tagged in orange, with one form.



One application for 3 Partners and 10 companies in the listing



1. One application for 30 partners on top of full listing (300 sponsors)
2. 15 new sponsors added monthly
3. Guaranteed money back if you don’t secure at least one sponsor



We make the phone calls and secure sponsors for you.

50% of total value secured

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SponsorLane Partner?

SponsorLane partners are companies who use SponsorLane to receive sponsorship requests. They are tagged with an orange “SL” in the listing. Our biggest partners include Philz Coffee, Fort Point Beer, and Box.

What is one application?

SponsorLane partners use the same application to receive requests. When you apply to a partner, you can auto populate fields with forms you’ve filled out in the past. The auto populate option is at the top of each sponsor's request form.

Who is in your listing?

We have 110 food, 74 beverage, 155 raffle items, and 32 space sponsors. Out of these, 43 sponsors ship products nationally, which means they may ship to your location. 72 sponsors are chained, which means they may have a location in your area.

Where are your sponsors?

Most of our sponsors are in the Bay Area. We would not recommend upgrading your plan unless your events are in the Bay. We are currently expanding to other cities. Let us know at [email protected] if you would like us to expand to your city.

What is your success rate with SponsorLane Partners?

Average approval rate for partners is 23%. Partners respond between 2 to 3 weeks. Average sponsorship amount is $130. The sponsorship range is between $50 to $900.

Which organizations use you?

We have 480 nonprofit event planner users. Most notable ones include the Exploratorium, San Francisco Aids Foundation, Green Hills PTA, and Code 2040.

What are key benefits for me?

Nonprofits and community groups using our listing and partners save between 10 to 45 hours per event and secure as much as $2000 in sponsorship.

More questions?

Email us your question and we will get back to you ASAP!